All About Me

Little ole’ Anne from a burb town right on the skirts of Columbus Ohio. Have always felt it necessary to be my own guy, live by the seam of my pants, and ask the probing questions our minds just can’t seem to throw away. I was a curious cat, living life freely, running around the neighborhood, probably chasing my two-years my senior sister when I wasn’t scavenging for bugs and trinkets in the backyard forest, playing make-believe with my childhood bestie.

Can you guess which cuteness is me? šŸ˜‰

Fast forward to current: I’m just as curious, probably on my 12th life; never understand the ‘why’ of things, and continue to poke and prod for answers. God love my parents, and my impatience to get the answers- I will always be the one to teach me things, as the mind never ceases to want to stop learning; always chasing after the next big thing, hate routine, and tight bras, tbh.. My mind is a very curious place to live. I love love, animals, the outdoors, living life itself, get distracted easily by shiny things, the voices in my own head; but I do have a constant stride and endless hunger for wanting more, and to do better.

Not that I need more ‘things’ to fill this ancient void; but more-so I thrive off of experiences, memories, anything visually stimulating, stories and photos; places my body can wander so my brain can take a quick fiver. I’ve always felt my purpose has been to achieve so much more than it has been and currently is doing. What is it exactly? Couldn’t tell you, or why for so gosh darn long.. but I can tell you I’m getting eagerly restless, and the scarcity of what youth days I have left motivates me to build upon my experiences, and go after what I’ve been craving this whole time. I’ll let you know when I find out what that is exactly..

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