Welcome to the beginning of all the Annethings. What are Annethings you ask? Well, if I may.. it is ANYThing- just with a little Anne twist on it.

From DIY’s, to poetry, OOTD looks, recipes, pondering, good articles reads, advice, influencing, skincare, you name it. As the website states, my mind tends to flutter from one thing to another, so the niche of this space is really, that there’s no niche at all.

Come and be yourself, ask all the sillies, there’s no judgement. A free space to search the weird, ‘taboo’, not normal things if today, to a simple DIY facemask, or budget hack for redesigning your home. I’M HERE FOR IT ALL. And then some.

Don’t fret my sprouting little butterflies, we’re all in this together ~cues HSM overhead clap in head~ Stay for the jokes, tales from my sisters closet, or if you just really need a good shoe recommendation.

**update: still updating this whole site, figuring out how to manage this one micro baby step at a time. Bare with the current bareness please.*

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